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OnderOns is one of the largest badminton clubs in The Hague, which knows how to combine fun and sportsmanship like no other. At OnderOns you can play badminton at every level: competition, youth and recreational.

In addition to the regular playing times and training sessions, many other activities are organized like social tournaments, club championships, barbecue, party evenings, pub quiz and a youth camp.

OnderOns currently has about 250 members. It varies slightly over time, but approximately 90 recreational players and 55 competition players play and train on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. About 45 recreationists play on Friday morning. On Saturday, about 60 younsters enjoy their training sessions and play their competition matches. Also the adult competition players play their matches at Saturday afternoon.

The competition teams play in the Dutch regional competition from the 4th division to the 8th division. A couple of  teams in de recreation group also play in the recreational competition against teams from other clubs.

Because we think it is important that everyone has the opportunity to improve his play, OnderOns offers good training tailored to your level, also for recreational players. This way you can enjoy badminton to the max.

If you want more specific information about your target group, please check the other pages of our website.

For all other questions, feel free to contact us via the contact page or visit us on one of the playing days. 

Unfortunately, there will be no option for those interested in recreational badminton to become a member in the near future. This is in connection with reaching the maximum number of members. If you would still like to get acquainted, please send an email via the contact form on the Contact page of the website. As soon as it is possible again, we will inform you as soon as possible.


When you are interested feel free to come to the sports hall and try it out. You can play two times for free to get acquainted with the club and the other players. After that you decide if you want to join our club or not.

To become a member of OnderOns, you have to complete the registration form. Submit the form to one of the board members.

With membership you agree to the articles of association and the house rules of OnderOns. 

Membership of Onder Ons runs per season from 1 August until 31 July next year. In September the contribution for the whole season is collected by the treasurer. If you cancel your membership during the season, you will automatically remain a member until the end of the season and you are not entitled to a refund of membership fees.

Membership fees

The contribution is collected per season and may be adjusted annually. The amounts for 2022 are as follows:

Youth up to 19 years € 196, –  

Recreational players  € 230, –

Friday morning players € 170, –

Competition players € 298, –

Registration fee, once €   15, –

If you joining somewhere during the year, you pay a proportional part of the contribution for the remaining time of that season. In September the annual fees are collected as usual.

Playing days and times:

Monday 20.30 – 23.00 

Training for top competition teams
Free play for competition players, recreation players and Friday recreationists 

Wednesday 20.30 – 23.00

Training for recreational players (beginners and advanced)

Free play for recreation players, competition players are allowed when there are still courts available 

Thursday 18.30 – 22.00

Training for competition teams en top youth-teams

Free play for competition players

Starting 21:00:  Free play for competition and recreation players

Friday 9.30 – 12.00 

Free play and training for Friday recreationists 

Saturday 12.00 – 18.30

Training and free play youth

Starting 14.30: Competition matches 


Registration form, domestic regulations and statutes are available for download on the Documenten-page of this website.